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General Conditions

  • The masymas "Customer Card” is established with the main purpose of rewarding the loyalty of customers at authorized establishments, by accumulating savings in euros based on their purchases.
    These savings in turn allows them to obtain their monthly Discount Check. In addition, the customer will obtain Multi coupons on their tickets which can be used on multiple items during a period of time and also single use Coupons.

  • Anybody over 14 years of age regardless of their nationality may request the masymas “Customer Card " , provided they have a residence address in Spain.
    It is essential, in order to participate in the advantages of the masymas "Customer Card”, to fill in the fields indicated in the questionnaire attached to this brochure. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the card owner authorizes Juan Fornés Fornés S.A. to be able to contact the customer in order to complete the data that was not initially completed. Once the customer has completed and deposited the questionnaire in any of the masymas establishments belonging to the Juan Fornés Fornés S.A. group, in which the masymas” Customer Card" is active, the customer will be given their card. This data is property of Juan Fornés Fornés S.A., who is obliged to diligently guard it and to return it when required. These elements are necessary in order to get your Discount Check, Multi coupons and "Customer Card" coupons. No other document or element shall be considered as proof of the masymas "Customer Card" membership except for cases in which a DNI or NIE has been explicitly linked to an original physical card, which from that moment can use a DNI as an alternative in order not to lose the benefits during the purchase. For the initial assignment, you must present your physical card during a purchase and indicate your ID to the cashier. In 24 hours the alternative identification method by DNI / NIE will be active. The savings will be accumulated in the same account as the original card. An account will be created in your favor that will serve as a basis to account for the accumulated savings and obtain your Discount Check and the different types of coupons.

  • The masymas “Customer Card” is not a payment card and is completely free.

  • In order to cancel the masymas "Customer Card" , the owner must request this , in writing, to Juan Fornés Fornés S.A. (Customer Marketing Department), accompanied by a photocopy of the ID or equivalent identification document.

  • Juan Fornés Fornés S.A. reserves the right to modify the General and Functional Conditions and / or unilaterally conclude the operation of the masymas” Customer Card”, by notifying two months in advance, without prejudice to the rights acquired by the holders of the masymas “Customer Card”, respecting in all cases the valid periods of their Discount Check, Multi coupons and Coupons that would have been obtained prior to the cancellation date.

The key functions of the masymas” Customer Card"

  • You will only be able to accumulate on your Discount Check, Multi coupons and masymas coupons, with the presentation of one of the supporting elements. In the case of not presenting the accrediting element at the time of purchase, the purchase will not be accumulated in the masymas "Customer Card”.

  • In the event of deterioration, loss, theft or extra accrediting of the masymas "Customer Card" , the client may report to his/her usual establishment or call the Customer Service number (900 777 000).

  • Each purchase of one euro will accumulate one cent that will be added automatically into the owner´s account. In addition, there will be products on which the label indicates the additional amount that will accumulate in the owner´s account. The total accumulated Euros will appear on each purchase ticket together with the date of the last purchase, except in the case of punctual communication interruption.
    Monthly, from the first week of the month, if the accumulated savings in the settlement period (until the last day of the previous month) is equal to or greater than € 1, a Discount Check will be issued for the total accumulated savings in said period which will be received in the next purchase. If this amount is not reached, the savings will expire. Exceptionally, the accumulated savings during the first three months of the card (computable from the first movement) will be maintained until the following month. Your Discount Check has an initial validity of 30 days once printed, and its printing will expire 1 year after its settlement.
  • The Discount Check, Multi coupons and Coupons that the masymas "Customer Card” gives to its members are personal and non-transferable and may be used until the expiration date printed on them, leaving them not to be valid after that date. Any Discount Checks, Multi coupons or Coupons that are broken or damaged are not valid. The Multi coupons may be used more than once during their period of validity with a maximum of one use per day and store, unless expressly indicated on the multi coupon itself. The Discount Checks and the Coupons are only for one single use. The uses of these advantages are intended for the final consumer.

  • You can use the Discount Check, Multi coupons and Coupons in any establishment of masymas that belongs to the group of Juan Fornés Fornés S.A., where the masymas "Customer Card” is active. It will never be exchangeable for cash, even in the case that the discount to be made exceeds the amount of the purchase. Two Multi coupons cannot be used in the same purchase or on the same day. The claim period regarding the conditions of issue, validity and / or exchange of any of said elements will be six months from its release.

  • The general conditions and uses of the "Customer Card" can also be found on the web

Processing of Personal Data

The personal data contained in this service document and any Annex to it, as well as any other data that could be provided, will only be treated by Juan Fornés Fornés SA and companies linked to it, with address at Ctra. Valencia-Alicante, km 191,300-03750 Pedreguer (Alicante). The data is processed with the purpose of proceeding to the proper management of the masymas "Customer Card" , for commercial and advertising purposes, using statistics for the purpose of determining consumption profiles and thus be able to offer products or services adjusted to the different needs. The data is processed based on the consent given when requesting the card. Users, whose data are subject to processing, may exercise their rights of access and information, rectification, portability, deletion or, where appropriate, opposition of their data, in the terms specified in the General Regulation of Protection of Personal Data, according to the legally established procedure. These rights may be exercised by directing a written communication, duly signed, accompanied by a photocopy of the DNI, to JUAN FORNÉS FORNÉS, SA, Crta. Nacional 332, km 191, 03750 Pedreguer (Alicante - Spain), or through the e-mail address The processed user’s information may be retained while the rights of suppression or opposition are not exercised. Likewise, if your right to the protection of personal data is violated, you may file a complaint with the Spanish Agency of Data Protection (

Juan Fornés Fornés S.A. commits, to respect the confidentiality of the data subject to processing and to use it in accordance with the specified purpose, as well as to comply with their obligation to safeguard it and adopt all pertinent measures to avoid alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized access.

Juan Fornés Fornés SA, reserves the right to modify this privacy policy in order to adapt it to new legislations or jurisprudences as well as new uses of the market, in which case will be announced prior to its entry into force.

The owner of the masymas "Customer Card" must notify any modification of the personal data provided by virtue of this document, by means of a written communication to Juan Fornés Fornés SA (Department of Customer Marketing). It must be accompanied by a photocopy of the DNI or equivalent identification document.

The use of any of the elements accrediting the masymas "Customer Card” implies full acceptance of the conditions established in this document.

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