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Frequently asked questions

01 What’s the supermarket’s telephone number and andress?

You may click here to launch a store locator in which you will find all the basic data of each one of them or you may also call the customer service phone number 900 777 000 where we will inform you about anything you may need.

02 Can you bring my purchase to my home?

Yes, of course. We will deliver your purchase to your home free of charges if the amount is higher than 60€. If it is lower, the rate for the service will be of 2,40€ . Click here to go to the corresponding section where the service conditions are explained.

03 Which are the opening hours in holydays and long weekends?

Since it depends on the location and the period we recommend you to call our toll-free customer service number 900 777 000 so we may answer you in a personalized manner.

04 Which are the regular opening hours?

Almost every supermarket opens from 9:00 to 21:00 uninterrupted. If you need details for a specific store or for a specific date, you may call the customer service number and we will answer you in a personalized manner.

05 How does the customer card work?

You can get it in just a second and it is totally free (opening cost, maintenance or replacement included). Besides it has many advantages: Saving-Cheque, Custom Discount Bonus, Direct discounts in products. You can find more detailed information clicking here.

06 Which are the offers at your disposal?

You may find offers on fresh products in the current brochure, if there isn’t one; you’ll see the offers on fresh products. We have a wide range of offers in general-feeding products: Discount with the customer card (besides everything that it offers), 3x2, 2nd unit for 50%...”

07 How often do you change the offers?

The offers on fresh products change weekly. We are constantly looking for the best quality/price product for you. The offers on food products usually depend on each promotion due to that there are always some into force.

Preguntas frecuentes

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