these are our commitments

We are convinced that nowadays the maximum commitment in quality is a requirement to satisfy our new customers. We are convinced that doing things right is more necessary than ever. And we are so convinced that we are now committed. These are maysmas 10 commitments.

los compromisos de masymas


1st commitment: we work

...daily fresh products brought from the best original markets in sections attended by professionals. That´s why, fresh is our thing.

Fresh is our thing

We enjoy so much what we do that we are obsessed in delivering the tastiest food, the latest, and the good. It is in fresh products where it is the most noticed, because it is here where our customers are as demanding as us. And we know it. That’s why we buy from the sources, looking to the optimal state in fruits and vegetables, we work with the best meat providers and we buy fish in fish markets, taking care of its preservation.

los compromisos de masymas


2nd commitment: we smile

...because you are the most important thing for us and we want you to be comfortable when visiting masymas.

More is more, better is better

More quality service means more professionalism. In other words, the more professionals we are the better service we provide. That’s why we put special effort when selecting and training our employees. If the future of masymas depends on its customers, then their satisfaction is our employees’ hands. Achieving our client’s trust is one of our goals and by principles we trust in our personnel so each day results in an even better experience.

Know all the conditions of service.

los compromisos de masymas


3rd commitment: we offer

...a wide range of products of top brands and own brands with more than 9000 references.

choose or not choose, that is the question

In other words: being able to choose or not, Why not choose? We like to choose, Don’t you? We like to choose the type of product, the package size… and of course, the brand as well. That’s why we offer for each product a wide range of brands. To give you more variety, more options and to fit with your preferences. We offer you the top brands, the local brands and our own brands with an incomparable quality/price relation. Because being able to choose is an unceasing principle, because our goal is to offer you more options.

los compromisos de masymas


4th commitment: we grow the number of supermarkets, services and advantages for greater comfort and saving of our customers. View the stores evolution

growth is just a consequence

And thanks to the trust of our customers each year we open more stores. And since we want to make it even better, we adapting, improving and renewing ourselves to give the best service to our customers, which is our goal.

los compromisos de masymas


5th commitment: We offer competitive prices.

We analyse the market to offer our customers the best variety, at the best price.

Our entire commercial strategy is designed by and for the customer in order to achieve maximum satisfaction while maintaining a relationship of mutual trust.

In addition, we analyse your needs in order to meet your expectations and offer you the best deals on a wide range of products.

Defend the interests of our clients

Our advantageous agreements with the best suppliers ensure low and stable prices. But we are not satisfied. We want to be absolutely sure that we are always offering the best price and that is why we visit other commercial spaces first thing in the morning every day to obtain price references. And we will continue to do so based on principles, although we have rarely had to change our price since most of the time we have verified that our price was the best, because that is one of our goals: the best price.

los compromisos de masymas


6th commitment: we obtain

...even lower prices with the advantages of our offers and our Costumer Card.

welcome to savings

You may request your customer card from this website or in your regular masymas supermarket. It’s free and just a click away from you.

los compromisos de masymas


7th commitment: we listen

...and solve our customers suggestions personally or by our toll-free customer service number 900 777 000. More information here.

los compromisos de masymas


8th commitment: we provide

...the transportation of your purchase to your home with our delivery service.

making it easier for you is our job

In masymas supermarkets we want to make it easy for you. Make your purchase at any of our supermarkets and receive your purchase at home for 4 € without minimum purchase.

los compromisos de masymas


9th commitment: we guarantee

...the satisfaction in your purchase. If you are not satisfied we refund your money.

choosing with complete confidence and warranty

What if a product costs 3€ today and 4€ tomorrow? Or may be even worse, you see it at 4€ today and decide to buy it and when you return at the very next day and it is now 3€! Why? We refuse this and we look for a long-lasting relationship with providers that ensure us not only the best prices for our customers, but also stable prices. And by principles we always demand our providers the best quality as well. So you may buy with more confidence and with a complete warranty.

los compromisos de masymas


10th commitment: we collaborate

....with the Consumers and Users Association of Valencia (AVACU) in order to inform and help our customers.

better consumption is better than a higher consumption

Household shopping is critic. For example, feeding is a very sensitive sector for its importance in people’s health. We know it. Therefore, our commitment goes further than providing the best quality at the most convenient prices. Our will is to become ourselves in that expert hand that guides the shopping decisions in order to improve from beginning to end. Those ears that listens the doubts and that voice that successfully guide our customers’ decisions.

los compromisos de masymas

these are our commitments; there are our principles and goals

One way to define a supermarket’s style. One way to establish a relationship with our customers and with society. One way to offer the best quality in fresh products, the best range of brands in all categories and prices as low as the rest of the stores and supermarkets. That’s masymas.

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